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Live Jazz Band

Ditchling Village Hall 

FRIDAY 15 July, 14 Oct and 2 Dec


“Aneesa Chaudhry Band @ The Latest Music Bar

Aneesa Chaudhry is a force of nature and a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is extraordinary in so many senses, range, tone, style… proving that this is not simply a voice of fashion, and there are plenty of those around, but a real voice full of real musical talent and skill – weapon quality! In this lies her power. Given such skill Aneesa can tackle pretty much anything – and does. It means that an evening of song with her is a white knuckle ride of styles and musical genre – ballads, jazz classics, rock, swing… Asian fusion… Fascinating as this is, and amazing value at the price. Backed by a band of accomplished musicians and musical guests she launched into Sometime’s I’m Happy, All of Me and Take Five, jazz standards maybe but in no way delivered in a standard way. She then gave us a striking rendition of My Funny Valentine that was spine tinglingly good. Tera Chera had us all on the edges of our seats and Guappa Chica gave ”

Andrew Kay - The Latest Magazine

“Aneesa Chaudhry Jazz gig @ The Brunswick. ON SUNDAY night (December 7) at the Brunswick in Hove she showed the audience exactly how accomplished a musician, singer and performer she is. The Brunswick was packed to the rafters with friends and supporters who created a warm, supportive ambience, giving Aneesa the ideal opportunity to showcase her impressive vocal talents. I could have listened to her sing all night. The haunting Tera Chera was the highlight of the set for me showing off her range and the ethereal tone quality of her voice in the upper register. Vocally she was quite extraordinary during this number considering this was live and the possibilities of studio tricks less possible. She made My Funny Valentine her own with a wonderful arrangement that challenged both singer and listener to the limits. It was a triumph! Her voice is secure over her complete register, while her ability to bend notes gives at times a wonderful Eastern flavour to her delivery.”

GScene - 

James Ledward

“Aneesa Chaudhry’s sets in the Birmingham Jazz Festival were real stand-out occasions. Very musical, pretty unusual, and totally absorbing…. Jim Simpson, Festival Director, July 2008”

Jim Simpson - Direct message

“Ealing Jazz Festival, July 2008 An original Punjabi take on the jazz tradition supported by some of the best Latin musicians, music full of light, the subtleness of jazz, and a commitment to the vitality of performance. …… Pete Watson, Crypt Stage Director”

Pete Watson - .

“A truly phenonmenal voice, an amazing lady, sheer entertainment in one complete package, leaves the audience wanting more.”

Hilli Rishworth - Sappho Garden Skala Eressos Lesvos Greece - .

John Evans - Henley Standard

“Aneesa Chaudhry performed interesting takes on jazz and pop standards with exotic charm and a beautiful voice in front of a very appreciative Concert Pitch audience at the National Theatre.” Alessandra Satta, Front-of-House Music Manager, Royal National Theatre”

Alessandra Satta, Front-of-House Music Manager, Royal National Theatre - National Theatre website

“AC is back following her excellent performance. A fantastic performer, her eclectic take on jazz managed to clear the front row at one point, but the rest of the room thought she was fabulous. She performs with ease & a great sense of humour. Her voice is incredible & well worth checking out”

James Ledward - GScene

“BLISS ART Gig Aneesa Chaudhry is a vocalist with a rare quality that is worth coming out to listen to. She brushes off her ability to swoop from the ethereal high to a low timbre of low that few women can reach. Her original songs Guappa Chica, Sappho’s Bossom and Letting Go are fun and full of vocal improvisation and vocal percussion. Bliss Arts’s eastern flavours includes both the Asian element and the Eastern European element, gyspy sounds, ‘melos’ as described by the Slovenian members. They perform songs in Slovenian which Chaudhry loves trying to get her tongue around. She is always ready for a proper vocal work out to get her lips and tongue moving around the vowel-less words! “Crazy fun!” she says. The band have produced several albums, On The Edge and Hold On and on April 26, at The Brunswick, Brighton they will be performing some favourites but also new numbers to keep everyone on their toes. As always they will lave their leave audience wanting more!”

“Chanteuse Aneesa Chaudhry will be opening this years Golden Handbag Show on Sunday, June 21 at the Brighton Metropole Hilton. ANEESA, who is musical director of the Brighton based Rainbow Chorus, has built up an international reputation as a jazz performer appearing at festivals all over the world. This is her first Golden Handbag Show and comes just a week after she co-presented the Hand in Hand Gala Concert of LGBT Choirs at the Brighton Dome. The concert was a huge success and featured performances from some of the best LGBT choirs in the UK and Ireland. Aneesa conducted the 80 strong Rainbow Chorus LGBT choir which over the last few years she has trained into one of the finest LGBT choirs in the country.”

James Ledward - GScene

“Aneesa Chaudhry's sell out gig at The Brunswick on Sunday 7 December brought together two of the artists' musical forays. Sassy Chaudhry lit up the stage with her presence and voice, engaging the audience from the outset. In a confident and accomplished manner, Chaudhry took us through her own interpretations of the jazz classics. My Funny Valentine created A sense of being transported across the globe with international fusions blending beautifully (one song even transitioned from bossa nova to flamenco). A delicate hint of Asian Fusion allowed Chaudhry to truly shine as a unique artist. The introduction of BLISS ART towards the end of the first set brought a different and uplifting dynamic. A rousing Whatever Lola Wants and the beautiful performance of Tera Chera an Urdu poem set to music. Sang in the original language, sending shivers down all the spines in the room.”

Katie Bennett-Hall - Planet London   


Jazz Band 

Jazz Band 

Ave Maria (Bach)

La Vie En Rose

I Dreamed A Dream


As well as performing at her sell out shows, Aneesa is available to perform at all types of event including weddings, funerals, private celebrations & community events. 




You can book Aneesa as a solo singer or piano or guitar duo or 4-9 piece band or with Full Big Band!

1. Solo: Professional singer + excellent quality mp3's and small PA 

2. Duo: Piano or Guitar and Voice (Jazz, easy listening, soul, pop, rock, classical)

3. Trio - 9 piece band: vocals + piano/guitar and either Bass + Drums + horn (trumpet or alto, tenor saxes)

4. Mini Big Band: 8 piece band consisting of rhythm section & 4 horns (trumpet, trombone, alto, tenor sax/flute/clarinet) - jazz & soul

5. Full Big Band: 20 piece big band including piano, guitar and rhythm section Bass + Drums + horns x4 (trumpets, saxaphones, & trombones)

6. Eastern Flavours Band: Latin Jazz pianist, vocals (Jazz-Asian fusion, vocal percussion) and Uruguayan percussion (Cajon, claypot, chimes), bongos and Contra/electric bass + sitar & tabla if requested.


A popular singer on the jazz and world music scene Aneesa performs with a variety of bands including Jazz duo - 5 piece ensembles, the 9 piece Aneesa Chaudhry Mini Big Band, with several full big band (up to 20 players), with her Eastern Flavours Band including Uruguan percussionist and Latin Jazz pianist, and as an accomplished solo artist.

Aneesa regularly runs indoor and outdoor voice & performance workshops and is extremely passionate about her choir work. Currently Musical Director of 5 choirs she loves helping people achieve their voice & performance goals for pleasure or perfection! Aneesa is passionate about people enjoying using their voices & feeling empowered to make a positive difference in the world.

Aneesa has been invited to perform at the National Theatre Music pitch several times with her Eastern Flavours Jazz Band, gave a sell out performance at London’s Jazz venue Pizza on the Park with her Jazz Standards Band. She was also invited to perform at various Live Music Festivals including RISE, Prides across the UK, London Jazz Festivals (Ealing, Putney Isle of White International Jazz Diva's Festival, Birmingham International Jazz Festival, as well as appear on BBC radio Berkshire & BBC Southern Counties Radio. She has made several albums including ‘4 inch heels, lipstick & a frock’, with her mini big band, 'Duende' with her Eastern Flavours band. She also appears solo with her one woman show, 'Asian Provocateur'.