Aneesa Chaudhry is a professional singer and community engagement specialist. She works as a vocal coach, team building facilitator and event manager. She has a huge passion for helping people to make a big difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

If you’ve had a good experience, please feel free to share it in the COMMENTS section below where it says ‘Join the discussion’. You can opt for the guest option. It might inspire someone else help bring a little sunshine into their lives! Sharing is Caring! Aneesa Chaudhry x

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2) Voice Workshops

a)  Singing Workshops for beginners or accomplished singers
c) Summer Songshare: Masterclass and an opportunity to bring a few songs to work on in a very supportive environment

3) Vocal Coaching

a) 121 singing lessons
b) Singing Therapy
c) Public speaking lessons
d) Building Vocal Confidence

4) Projects & Partnerships

a) Team Building, Communication skills & Presentation Skills Training
b) Associate & Partnership work for
  i) Magnified Learning

Aneesa has worked as an associate facilitator and coach on a couple of different programmes. She is meticulous when it comes to preparation, she has a very engaging delivery style and is not afraid to improvise. She consistently provides high quality verbal and written employee feedback, delivered in an engaging yet direct manner. Aneesa is an extremely versatile development professional and an absolute joy to work with.’

  ii) Spider On The Wall
  iii) Internship Brighton
  iv) Instant Teamwork

5) Music Agency

  i) Solo
  ii) Duo / Trio / Quartet – Classical or Jazz
  iii) Eastern Flavours Jazz-Asian Fusion Band
  iv) Mini Big Band
  v) Full big band
d) Music For Weddings, Civil Partnership, Functions & Events

7) Bookings

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call/text: +44(0)7957 395 293
a) Live Music
b) Voice Workshops / 121 coaching
c) Project, Community Engagement Facilitation Work


‘I loved every second of your workshop! I didn’t know I could achieve so much so quickly and your direction and enthusiasm made for a magical, musical day out. I particularly enjoyed singing in 4 part harmony and improvising- something I never felt that good at before’ A pin, London

‘Aneesa Chaudhry showed the audience exactly how accomplished a musician, singer and performer she is. The Brunswick was packed to the rafters. I could have listened to her sing all night. She is the full package, sassy & engaging. The haunting Tera Chera was the highlight showing off her range & the ethereal tone quality of her voice in the upper register. Guappa Chica presented her fun side while Papernut demonstrated the huge range of her voice. Vocally she was quite extraordinary during this number considering this was live and the possibilities of studio tricks less possible. I love a performer who takes risks not only with their performance but also with the arrangements. She made My Funny Valentine her own & challenged both singer and listener to the limits. It was a triumph! Her voice is secure over her complete register, while her ability to bend notes gives a wonderful Eastern flavour. Her articulation is drilled down & precise. You can understand every word she sings’
– James Ledward, GScene (Dec 10, 2014)

‘Aneesa Chaudhry is a force of nature and a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is extraordinary in so many senses, range, tone, style proving that this is not simply a voice of fashion, and there are plenty of those around, but a real voice full of real musical talent and skill – weapon quality! An evening of song with her is a white knuckle ride of styles and musical genre – ballads, jazz classics, rock, swing, Asian fusion, Fascinating as this is, and amazing value at the price, it does leave your head in a spin. She gave us a striking rendition of My Funny Valentine that was spine tinglingly good, Aneesa is a pure talent, a chameleon chanteuse – and she looks great too, cheekily flirting with her audience and winning us over every minute of the way. When a gig is this good it would bland and dull to simply say that Aneesa Chaudhry is bloody brilliant!’
– Andrew Kay, The Latest (Dec 07, 2014)

  • Shirley

    Hi Aneesa

    Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a very big for our singing classes. I will miss not singing in the choir today but will have a practice sing song in my kitchen and look forward to Tuesday evening. The choir has made me a more positive happier person, the feeling of belonging in a group and singing and laughing together is so important to me and I feel more confident. It is also having a good effect on my health helping with depression and even my blood pressure has reduced a little since I started. My husband said he has noticed a difference (happier) in me since I started singing.

    You are such a fun, positive,caring person to be with, everyone should have someone like you in their lives, you light up the world. You are a star! The choir is helping my sister Sally to cope with her bereavement at a very sad time in her life and this I am also very grateful to you for.

    We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6pm.
    Shirley, Martlets Hospice ‘GOOD VIBRATIONS’ Choir member

  • Andrea Scott

    I have just joined the Good Vibrations Martlets Choir with the amazing and supremely wonderful Aneesa Chaudhry. What a teacher! She is enthusiastic, energetic and sooo very talented . I am still on a major high after tonight’s rehearsal and just want more!! She makes every second so special and is so warm and welcoming. Everyone needs Aneesa in their life! I feel so lucky to be part of this. Thank you for the music!! Andrea x

  • Teresa Evans

    I’m a nurse at the Martlets hospice and want to tell the world how amazing Aneesa is! She has brought healing to so many in the short time she has been teaching and encouraging us to sing! The laughter and tears through song have and are changing peoples lives, without her even realising what a powerful gift she has. Thank you for sharing your time and gift with the people at the Martlets Hospice x WE ARE GOOD VIBRATIONS!
    With love and appreciation, Teresa Evans, Nurse at The Martlets Hospice

  • Odaline de la Martinez FRAM

    The multifaceted, multitalented Aneesa Chaudhry is a powerful force. One of her many gifts is the ability to inspire others to perform even better than they think they can. This was made clear during the Hand in Hand weekend, where she showed her ability to conduct one of the best choir performances of the evening. She also was able to “compere” and amuse the audience – smoothing out the celebrations. Odaline de la Martinez, FRAM

  • Martin Brophy MBE

    I have supported the Rainbow Chorus in Brighton for many years and have watched with interest their development under the capable baton of Musical Director Aneesa Chaudhry. Aneesa is a vibrant and energetic leader and teacher, who has brought her musical and people skills, and immense energy to nurture and shape the various skills of the singers. Aneesa has an easy positive infectious performance style and has used this to develop the singing and performance attributes of the choirs singers. With a finger on the community pulse we have seen the widening diversity of the individual members grow, the introduction of a wider variety of music and guiding the Choirs leadership to take their music to varied and challenging places. Aneesa has created a welcoming environment for Trans people and used her expertise in this area to support Trans singers. Seeing the ever increasing number of singers and supporters is testament to Aneesa’s skill as a music and community leader. Aneesa was an integral part of the recently highly successful, award winning Hand in Hand Festival at Brighton’s Dome, conducting the most accomplished performance of the Rainbow Chorus I have ever seen, with stylish moves and the whole chorus signing part of the performance was singularly impressive.
    Martin Brophy MBE, executive chairman of the charity Fruitvox, and long-time member of London Gay Men’s Chorus

  • Aneesa, Good Vibrations MD

    Marlets Hospice ‘Good Vibrations’ Choir first ever main concert on Sat 11th July 2015. Superb work everyone! So proud of you all. Aneesa x