• Pride Ambassador Aneesa

    Some Highlights of this year so far:
    Aneesa Chaudhry voted to Pride Ambassador by GScene readers in June:

    ♦ RAINBOW FAMILIES: Received a £2,580 grant towards
    funding a range of activities and events designed to engage
    older children within LGBT families to develop friendships: Presented by
    Pride Ambassador Aneesa Chaudhry.

  • Pride Ambassador Aneesa

    Aneesa Chaudhry voted to Pride Ambassador by GScene readers in June. Enjoying moments with some fantastic people!

  • Pride Ambassador Aneesa

    Rainbow Chorus receive an award
    ♦ RAINBOW CHORUS: Received a £2,500 grant to establish a
    new singing group with more assessable rehearsal times with less
    pressure of performance, creating greater social inclusion: Presented by
    star of Gogglebox Chris Steed.

  • Rainbow Chorus MD

    Rainbow Chorus receive a Golden Handbag Award along with BGMC for great work at the LGBT Choirs festival Hand in Hand

  • AneesaDiva Jazz Singer

    Aneesa Chaudhry – invited to sing at the Golden Handbag Awards 2015! Jazz chanteuse Aneesa Chaudhry will be opening this years Golden Handbag Show on Sunday, June 21 at the Brighton Metropole Hilton.


    ANEESA, who is musical director of the Brighton based Rainbow Chorus, has built up an international reputation as a jazz performer appearing at festivals all over the world including the Rhythm of the Earth World Music Festival in Bangkok, the Sappho Garden of Arts Festival in Lesvos, Jazz on the Park in Soho, London and the Isle of White International Jazz Diva’s Festival.

    As well as being an accomplished performer, Aneesa also works as a vocal coach and team building facilitator, helping people improve confidence in themselves through singing.

    This is her first Golden Handbag Show and comes just a week after she co-presented with Mark Yarrow, the Hand in Hand Gala Concert of LGBT Choirs at the Brighton Dome.

    The concert was a huge success and featured performances from some of the best LGBT choirs in the UK and Ireland.

    Aneesa conducted the 80 strong Rainbow Chorus LGBT choir which over the last few years she has trained into one of the finest LGBT choirs inthe country.

    Aneesa has a huge vocal range and when she is not singing solo, performs with the three-piece female trio, Bliss Art.

    Her most recent project is the Good Vibrations Choir, for the Martlets Hospice. She has been running vocal workshops since February engaging patients, volunteers, carers, staff and friends at the Marlets. They all came together for the first time as a choir in May and have their first concert planned for July.

    All VIP tables for the Golden Handbags have sold out and there are just 20 tickets left for sale on the public tables from Prowler, 112-113 St. James Street, Brighton.

    These non reserved tickets cost £20 each and are only available in person from the shop.

    On the night, the seats on the public tables are only available on a first come first served basis.

  • Aneesa Chaudhry Trans Voices


    This year, in addition to her usual 121 client work with the Trans Community, Aneesa delivered 121 Singing Therapy and Confidence Building work at the CLARE PROJECT, based in Brighton. She also delivered a Trans Singing Workshop at this year’s HAND IN HAND Choirs Festival in June and at TRANS PRIDE in August. As Musical Director of the Rainbow Chorus, Aneesa has experience of working with Trans members who love to sing or simply want to have a go at singing and loves helping members reach their own potential within the choir. The choir will perform at the 2015 Trans Day of Remembrance in November.

    VIDEO celebrating 18yrs and the Rainbow Choruses diverse Trans membership: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZt2K5Z2Ykg&feature=share
    Trans 121 client Testimonials

    Thank you so much for all the work you have done this year, it has been a very worthwhile project. Rosemary Alix, Clare Project administrator

    I really enjoyed the session, Aneesa is very friendly and caring, she takes the time to understand your goals and works from there. The breathing techniques I learned have already helped my confidence in progressing with my singing. I really look forward to my next session 🙂 MA

    I really enjoyed my session yesterday although I felt nervous at first and you helped me to overcome it. Your understanding and enthusiasm greatly rubbed off me
    giving me the ability to gain confidence. In short my experience had greatly surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait for our next session.CB

    I came in to the session feeling slightly nervous and wanting to improve my voice generally but especially to help growing confidence and loudness when singing. Aneesa showed me some assertive techniques and suggested some practices I could do with friends to project a kind and
    confident nature. I worked with a song, breathing in on a long phrase, holding then breathing out, next humming the same in each vowel shape, then projecting when singing and breathing in fully. Thanks for this Aneesa, It was a great session and I’m still working on my voice. Michelle Steele

  • Aneesa Chaudhry MD

    Aneesa Co Hosted the 2015 LGBT Choirs Festival HAND IN HAND, ran an amazing Jazz – Asian Vocal Improvisation Workshop, Trans Voices Workshop and gave a much talked
    about Rainbow Chorus performances both at the festival and at the Rainbow Chorus 18th Birthday concert. The choir sang powerful songs, some choreographed and some with Sign Supported English especially for the Deaf Community and had standing ovations even before the end of the concerts!

    Rainbow Chorus
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    To celebrate 18 years of singing, Brighton’s only LGBT choir (other solely gay choirs are available) gave a performance that encompassed many of their past achievements – and they did it with style! In the last twelve months the choir has almost doubled in size but this did not daunt the newer members who embraced the challenge and
    helped make this one of their finest hours. Under the professional directorship of the very ambitious Aneesa Chaudhry this wholly amateur choir has reached new heights of musicality – and time after time their concerts prove this. This time it was clear that they have mastered the art of singing in an almost whisper whilst staying precisely pitched an
    timed, they can belt it out like the best of them when required which they certainly do, but Chaudhry knows how to reign them in and keep them in line.

    There are real highs in their varied programme too, an eight part arrangement of Shenandoah sends shivers down the spine, Rhythm of Life thunders ahead like a speeding train but never a run-away train and, apart from Barber’s Adagio which I did not think worked, their classical pieces have real power and quality. The two sets are balanced, with
    favourites from the world of pop, musical theatre and choral church music.

    What comes across as much as anything though is their sense of community, this choir smile as they sing – but not that fake performance grin adopted by so many. This is joy, joy from the music but also joy from belonging to something that drives them forward, forces them to seek new heights – and of course reach those heights. In response they
    received not one but two standing ovations! If I had one complaint it could be that accomplished pianist, Monte had to cope with a badly out of tune piano, a situation that needs to be addressed. A small quibble though for an evening of pleasure.

    St George’s Church Kemp Town
    18 July
    Andrew Kay, The Latest TV & Magazine
    5 stars

  • Aneesa Chaudhry Vocalist

    Aneesa gave some outstanding Live Gigs this year! Reviews from The Latest and GScene, Diva and Planet London. Here’s a couple…

    The Aneesa Chaudhry Band
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    Aneesa Chaudhry is a force of nature and a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is extraordinary in so many senses, range, tone, style, proving that this is not simply a voice of fashion, and there are plenty of those around, but a real voice full of real musical talent and skill – weapon quality! Given such skill Aneesa can tackle pretty much anything – and does. It means that an evening of song with her is a white knuckle ride of styles and musical genre – ballads, jazz classics, rock, swing… Asian fusion.

    Backed by a band of accomplished musicians and musical guests she launched into Sometime’s I’m Happy, All of Me and Take Five, jazz standards maybe but in no way delivered in a standard way. She then gave us a striking rendition of My Funny Valentine that was spine tinglingly good, and the high points of her set. Tera Chera had us all on the edges of our seats and Guappa Chica gave us much to think about too.

    Aneesa is a pure talent, a chameleon chanteuse – and she looks great too, cheekily flirting with her audience and winning us over every minute of the way.
    When a gig is this good it would bland and dull to simply say that Aneesa Chaudhry is bloody brilliant!

    The Brunswick
    7 December
    Andrew Kay
    4.5 stars

  • Aneesa Chaudhry Vocalist

    Great reviews of Aneesa’s Gigs!

    To many locally, Aneesa Chaudhry is best know as musical director of the Rainbow Chorus, Brighton’s only LGBT choir.

    ON SUNDAY night (December 7) at the Brunswick in Hove she showed the audience exactly how accomplished a musician, singer and performer she is. The Brunswick was packed to the rafters with friends, supporters and singers from the Rainbow Chorus who created a warm, supportive ambience, giving Aneesa the ideal opportunity to
    showcase her impressive vocal talents. I could have listened to her sing all night.

    During her set she sang trad jazz, swing, mainstream ballads, songs from the shows and Asian fusion numbers. She is the full package helped along by her sassy looks and engaging chit chat. The numbers she sang with the Jazz Band showed her musicianship off at its best.

    In I Could Have Danced All Night and I feel Pretty her voice became another instrument among an ensemble of jazz instruments, while during the jazz standards The Look of Love, Take Five and Route 66 she allowed each player their solos and a chance to impress alongside her vocals. The haunting Tera Chera was the highlight of the set for me showing off her range and the ethereal tone quality of her voice in the upper register.

    Guappa Chica presented her fun side while Paper Nut demonstrated the huge range of her voice and sounds she could make with it. Vocally she was quite extraordinary during this number considering this was live and the possibilities of studio tricks less possible.

    I love a performer who takes risks not only with their performance but also with the arrangements. She made My Funny Valentine her own with a wonderful arrangement that challenged both singer and listener to the limits. It was a triumph!

    Her voice is secure over her complete register, while her ability to bend notes gives at times a wonderful Eastern flavour to her delivery. Her articulation is drilled down and precise. You can understand every word she sings and this was shown off to its best in the scat sections of the tradition jazz numbers which were electric and percussive.

    However, the ‘big gun’ she brings to every performance is her phrasing. It is instinctive and musical. She could sing the telephone directory and make it sound interesting and fabulous.

    Considering at times there were eight musicians playing on stage in this small room, the sound and balance at all times was excellent.