Singer & Voice Coach

Aneesa Chaudhry, professional singer and voice coach

Aneesa Chaudhry, professional singer and voice coach

Aneesa Chaudhry,

As a performer Aneesa Chaudhry sings with passion, humour. She has raw talent! She sings at prestigious venues on the UK Jazz scene with some of the most regarded musicians on the scene. She performs regularly at the National Theatre Music pitch and at Jazz and world music festivals including The Isle of White International Jazz Diva’s Festival, Ealing Jazz, Birmingham International Jazz Diva’s Festival, The Rhythm of the Earth World Music Festival and has given a sell out performance at London’s Jazz venues, including Pizza on the Park Jazz Club. She also works with some of Slovenia & Croatia’s top musicians in her band ‘BLISS ART’.

Diva magazine says she has “edge elegance”. Aneesa has a huge zest for life and all that it can offer. She’s performed at the Saatchi Gallery, the Oxford Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, York Lesbian Arts Festival, Pride events all over the country, the Sappho Garden of Arts Festival in Lesvos, and at many venues both at home and abroad.

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  • Ann Wilkinson

    We asked Aneesa to sing at our wedding on 30th May 2015. From the initial discussion of songs to be included in our service and throughout the planning she was very professional and helpful. Her singing was beautiful, she was friendly, funny, fully engaging with everyone, helping to make our special day extra special. Linda and Ann.

    30th May 2015

  • Mary

    Just finished our final rehearsal with Rainbow Chorus for Hand in Hand LGBT choirs concert on Saturday 13/06/15 at The Dome in Brighton. Aneesa’s direction has been truly inspirational. She is totally professional and she manages to get such a range from us. She spares nothing to get the best out of everybody. It’s going to be a great night and we are lucky to have her as our MD.

  • Alex Arnes

    Saturday, 13th of June

    I ended up by chance attending a workshop on “Asian Jazz” at Aneesa was facilitating this workshop… but it was neither merely “facilitated” nor it was just a “workshop”. It was a collective exercise in connectedness, with a room filled with people breathing synchronously, using sound to draw up emotions. Movement and sound, used as a safe framework where participants could explore deeper feelings with natural ease.

    And then, the experience grew, with Aneesa reminding us of the divine perfection of our physical bodies and then allowing us to connect and form a human chain, going from the singularity of a person singing and moving to the communal and much bigger Self. In less than an hour, Aneesa brought a huge group of complete strangers to a single point of communion. And, at the centre of this experience, she stands humbly like a living Chakra-doll of wonderful, gleeful, and harmonious energy.

    Thank you, Aneesa, for sharing your humanity. It gets extended in return.

  • Liz Allan

    Came across Aneesa for the first time at the recent brilliant Hand in Hand weekend. What a talent! She ran some great workshops; co-compered the evening concert; and to top it all led the fabulous Rainbow Chorus as their MD. It was clear from the response of everybody that she is much admired and well-respected. Very impressive!

  • Maria Baker

    I was completely delighted at the sultry tones not dissimilar to the late great Sarah Vaughan when I heard the lovely Aneesa Chaudhry sing last Sunday at The Golden Handbag Awards at The Hilton. Rich warm velvety tones of a yester year that I truly enjoyed. We will definitely go to see her again great power great presence great voice! Maria Baker

  • Andrew Ramage

    I was lucky enough to be at the mini big band gig at the Brunswick on 5th July. Fantastic evening, great vocals from aneesa and great music from the band. Can’t wait for the next one. Andrew Ramage

  • teresa adams

    Had a fabulous evening at the mini big band gig at the Brunswick on the 5th July. Aneesa’s voice is amazing and the band were great too. Fantastic song choices. Highly recommended.

  • Patricia Nunn

    Had a mind blowing evening at Aneesa’s mini big band gig on 5th July last. The band were great, some exceptional solo players that came together to play for Aneesa, whose voice has an amazing range. I’ve always liked jazz but more of the soulful sound than the loud; what we were given to enjoy was sublime. Sold as a fan, hook line & sinker. Looking forward to the next, when ever that is? Pat

  • A Collins

    The ‪#‎Transpride‬
    singing workshop was one of the high points in my day. Boundary
    pushing, silly fun. I think I learnt some technical stuff too. Thanks Aneesa xx

  • Kate Fearnley

    Many thanks for coming to our wedding in Scotland. Aneesa, your performance was wonderful and all evening people were asking ‘where did you find her? Thank you for helping to make it such a special day. Kate Fearnley & Maruska Greenwood, Edinburgh, UK

  • Jan Gold

    Trans Pride. A great afternoon in Dorset Gardens-lovely to hear the Rainbow Chorus. Fabulous workshop after with Aneesa Chaudhry-I had a blast! Thank you

  • Andrew Ramage MCC Brighton

    Aneesa sang at our pride service this evening (02/08/15). She was great, even made a couple of the men in the congregation cry. Only a truly great singer can create that knd of emotionally charged atmosphere. Really moving

  • Ed

    I have only known Aneesa since early 2015. Singing again has brought me enjoyment that I had almost forgotten since singing as a child. Recently I decided I wanted to get some help with singing on a one-to-one basis, so booked a first session with Aneesa. I was also looking for confidence that eludes me inside. Aneesa’s first few questions seemed to put me at ease. I quickly learned to breathe differently & found new ways of using my voice. Aneesa has already given me more confidence outside of singing and within the first week I found myself changing some of what I do. Only 3 weeks on, I know I have more work to do but with Aneesa’s help and encouragement my journey will continue.

  • Clarissa Hawthorne

    Thank you so much for your wonderful performance. It really added some real sparkle to the launch! Everyone loved it! Clarissa Hawthorne, Sussex Police, Hate Crime App Launch

  • Helen Davitt

    Supported by her band, BLISS ART, Aneesa Chaudhry’s sold out December concert at Brighton’s Latest Music Bar was just that, musical bliss. Aneesa’s unique voice of astounding range, her presence, performance and repertoire, from the wonderfully cheeky, ‘Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets’ to her superb rendition of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Black Crow’, kept her audience riveted. As for Tera Chera in Urdu, each note, phrase gesture reaches right into the heart of every listener – music crossing all boundaries to become, indeed, the language of the soul. This is a world-class songstress – best catch one of her shows in Brighton while you can. Helen Davitt, Brighton